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Trust Based Policing Training Courses

Trust with the community is a  fundamental and necessary component of effective public service and specifically for  policing.
It's ALL about Relationships. Just like each person you've dated is different, each neighborhood is different!  What worked well in your last relationship may not work well in your current one.
Any time you interact  with the public, you'll make a lasting impression. 
In an ever more distrustful and cynical  time in our world, this training is critical to restoring the relationship.
We are told to do things like "Actively Listen" and "Paraphrase" to build rapport and create connection.  The reality is many of the things we were taught to do are rooted in the Steam Age, yes - over 100 years ago! 
Worse, these things often don't work and we get frustrated because we're doing what we're taught to do and then it backfires!
In this training, you'll learn Trust Based Policing Techniques and ways to truly build a strong and healthy Relationship with the Community - even when the Relationship been something that's not worked in the past!
Law Enforcement is here to Protect & Serve - something that can't be done without Trust.
Sgt. Kerry Mensior (Ret.) has been teaching Trust Based Policing since July 2014. Using major event examples occurring during his 30-year Law Enforcement career, he brings to life Trust Based Policing principles that are Easy to Understand, Easy to Remember and Even Easier to Implement.
Engaging, entertaining and immediately relevant are core principals of all Tomorrow's Police Officer Training Courses. 
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