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 If You Are SERIOUS About Earning Your Badge... You Are In The Right Place!


Go from feeling nervous and unsure to feeling confident and fully prepared when you get the insider scoop to be the BEST qualified candidate!


This is the training program you've been dreaming about... so you can get the job you've been dreaming about!

Are you ready to become a Law Enforcement Officer?

Have you always dreamed of putting on the uniform, the badge and strapping on the gunbelt?

Do you have a secret desire to protect other people from the bullies and the robbers and the rapists?

Do you simply like to help people and want to give back to the community where you live?

Would you like to crack the code on how to sail through a super challenging hiring process?

Have you made some mistakes in your past that you fear will keep you from getting hired as a Cop?

Don't wait! Don't let your little voice stop you from sharing the bigger voice that is coming through you!

Did you know that for every law enforcement job opening, there are at least 2000 to 3000 applicants?

Did you know that most applicants get themselves DQ'd (Disqualified) because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided?

You shouldn’t have to risk losing the chance at an amazing and highly paid career because you made a mistake that will keep you from EVER being hired!

Fortunately, you can have the inside scoop on what to say & what to do!

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Start Your Career Today!

The Get Hired Academy is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to prepare for, and be as successful as personally possible.


Sgt. Kerry Mensior, San Diego Police Dept. (Ret.), a 30-year Law Enforcement veteran, teaches you:

- How to properly prepare for your Written Exam;
- How to properly prepare for your Background Interview;
- How to turn your past mistakes into positives during the multiple interviews you'll have;
- How to know (within 90 seconds or less), the personalities of the people on your interview panel - AND how to speak in the language they best "hear";
- How to confidently answer ANY situational question thrown at you by the interview panel, even if it seems you're put into a no-win situation.
- And much, MUCH more!

Sgt. Mensior is the right coach and mentor, with the inside knowledge and experience, to help you present the BEST YOU to everyone you meet with during the hiring process.


This new course is designed to help you stand out... even in the biggest crowd!

Get training you simply can't get anywhere else!

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No class in college will EVER prepare you the way the Get Hired Academy will prepare you!

Learn How YOU Can Be Rated As A Top Candidate - TO GET HIRED AS A POLICE OFFICER, NOW!

A Career in Law Enforcement Has Many Benefits

Excellent Pay

In just two years, you can be making over $100,000 a year!

Excellent Benefits

Many agencies provide FULL insurance that covers you AND your family!


Generous Pension Plans where you might retire while still receving 90% of your pay!

Here Is What You Will Get In This Course

Six Modules where Sgt. Mensior breaks down the process and your preparation into snackable trainings that you can listen to whenever you have a few minutes

  • Two LIVE Zoom Meetings every week for 6 weeks
  • The Zoom Meetings are recorded in case you miss them or want to go over the information again
  • Personalized coaching in a supportive environment so you can excel in areas where you doubt yourself
  • Bonus material to help you avoid making a mistake that could end your career before it even begins 

Bonus material to get you FULLY prepared for the Police Academy

Normal price: $1997

Your price: $497

*Payment plan available

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Here's what I'll be teaching...

The Hiring Process

With a strong understanding of The Hiring Process, you won't need to constantly worry about what suprises are ahead. Instead, you'll just sit back and know you are fully prepared!


In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on the secrets to preparing yourself fully to become a Cop.  I'll be showing you how I moved Applicants through become Police Officers and Deputy's.


This goes way beyond a checklist, it's everything you need to ensure you're the BEST candidate possible from the first to the final interview. I'll show you how to create an environment that is going to be impressive to the Agency you want to work with and make every minute of your life enjoyable!

Relationships: Building In-Person Connections

Nervous about how other people perceive you? Have you ever had someone take something you said the wrong way?  Here's the truth: How you relate with people is KEY to you getting hired.  And most Applicants struggle in this area—until they learn a few important tricks.


I'll uncover for you, the full inside knowledge  of the Police Officer interview process.  You'll learn about the MULTIPLE interviews you'll be going through and critical skills like how to turn your past mistakes into positives!


Course Bonuses 

Mistakes People Make

I'll show you mistakes that people make in the hiring process that KEEP THEM FROM EVER GETTING HIRED!

There are many critical mistakes that, if you make them, can permanently DISQUALIFY you from ever getting hired as a Cop! I'll show you where the traps are and how to avoid them!

Master The Police Academy

I'll show you how to begin preparing for the VERY arduous and demanding Police Academy TODAY!

Did you know that an average of 20% - 30% of people NEVER complete the Police Academy?!

Don't be that person who shows up UNPREPARED!

I'll give you the plan you can put into action TODAY so you can be FULLY ready on Day One!

Succeeding as a Woman in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement operate in a Male Dominated Environment.

Learn how to deal with the challenges in three key areas:

1) Getting Hired

2) In the Police Academy

3) Having a Successful Law Enforcement Career

Women who have had amazing careers share what they experienced and what got them through the toughest times.



You're in luck! I'm letting the first students have a 75% discount!


Normal price: $1997

Your price: $497


Pay Full
2 Pay



Comprehensive Credit Repair Course


One of the Top Five things that keep people from being hired is negative marks on their credit history. For years I've been showing people how to clean up their credit reports and skyrocket their FICO scores. Having a poor credit report and a low FICO score can cause serious financial problems for you beyond not getting your dream job. You may be paying more for insurance and also paying higher interest rates for things like car loans and credit cards.

When you Pay In Full, you'll also get access to the Comprehensive Credit Repair Course that will walk you step-by-step through a proven process unlike ANY you've likely seen before!This course is valued at well over $2497!

I'm Ready To Get Hired As A Police Officer!